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2019 Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon


Art+Feminism is a campaign improving coverage of cis and transgender women, non-binary folks, feminism and the arts on Wikipedia. From coffee shops and community centers to the largest museums and universities in the world, Art+Feminism is a do-it-yourself and do-it-with-others campaign teaching people of all gender identities and expressions to edit Wikipedia. ( 

#noweditingAF  #artandfeminism  #gleesonlibrary

Event Dashboard and Wikipedia Accounts

  1. Create a Wikipedia account if you don’t already have one.

    1. Go to:

    2. Click “English”

    3. Click “Create Account” (upper right hand corner of the screen)

    4. Usernames are public, visible online, and linked to any edits you make. Your username can be as anonymous — or as personally identifying — as you wish.

  2. Join our event’s dashboard by clicking the “Log in with Wikipedia” button.  The dashboard is where we’ll keep track of our editing accomplishments on the day of the edit-a-thon! 

Wikipedia Basics and Tutorials


1. Self-Guided Tutorial

2. Read about the 3 Core Content Policies and 5 Pillars of Wikipedia​. 

3. Planning to edit the article of a living person? Wikipedia has special guidelines for that.

4. Read through these training modules. The following three modules are especially useful/important:

Also, check out this short video about Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and feel free to browse Art+Feminism’s awesome editing kit.


1. Determine which article you'd like to edit (see list below).

2. Use a reliable source (see list below) to add information to the article. 

                 - Don't forget to put information in your own words, and to cite your sources.

3. Planning to edit the article of a living person? Wikipedia has special guidelines for that.

*Creating an entirely new Wikipedia article that does not exist yet is an awesome undertaking, but it does take time -- more time than you might have today!

Feel free to start this process today, if you'd like. Use library resources to research your article, and begin to draft your new article in your sandbox. Then, when you're ready, consult this tutorial about creating a new article.

Ideas for Articles to Edit

Lists of articles to edit:

(Blue links on these lists indicate existing articles that need editing.  Red links indicate articles that do not exist yet and need to be created.)

Black Lunch Table's list

WikiProject Women Artists list of stub articles


Other ideas of articles that could be edited or added to:

Selma Burke

Harlem Renaissance artist

Alma Thomas

African-American expressionist artist

Emma Amos (painter)

Post modernist African-American artist/painter

Bernice Bing

Chinese-American lesbian artists

Betye Saar

Harlem Renaissance artist

Favianna Rodriguez

Self identified and queer Artist and activist

Invisible Women

This article needs additional references

Jewelle Gomez

Poet, critic, and playwright

Margaret Rhee

Experimental poet, new media artist, and scholar

Laura Aguilar


Mitsuye Yamada

Japanese American activist, feminist, essayist, poet, story writer, editor, and former professor of English

Kay Ulanday Barrett

poet, performer, educator, food blogger, cultural worker, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and disability advocate

Nellie Wong

Poet and activist for feminist and socialist causes

Lalita Lajmi

Muniba Mazari

Melanie Cervantes

Xicana artists and activist

Madeleine Lim

Library Resources for Editing

Here are some reliable library resources you can use to look for information to add to articles!


Many of the books listed below are available at the Edit A Thon today! Look for the resource cart or ask a Edit A Thon facilitator for help!

Additional Art Books can be found using Ignacio, the library's catalog. Art books are shelved on the 3rd Floor South of Gleeson, in the N section. Each section below is then broken down into different historical periods.

N  : Visual Arts in general
NA: Architecture
NB: Sculpture
NC: Drawing, Design, Illustration
ND: Painting
NE: Print Media
NK: Decorative Arts
NX: Arts in General


General Books 

Many of the books listed below are available at the Edit A Thon today! Look for the resource cart or ask a Edit A Thon facilitator for help!

  • Art and feminism / edited by Helena Reckitt ; survey by Peggy Phelan N72.F45 A78 2001
  • WACK! : art and the feminist revolution / organized by Cornelia Butler ; essays by Cornelia Butler [and others] ; edited by Lisa Gabrielle Mark N8354 .W33 2007
  • Women street artists of Latin America : art without fear = Grafiteras y muralistas en América Latina : arte sin miedo / Rachel Cassandra & Lauren Gucik ND2602 .C37 2015
  • We wanted a revolution : black radical women, 1965-85 : a sourcebook / edited by Catherine Morris and Rujeko Hockley ; texts by Connie H. Choi, Carmen Hermo, Rujeko Hockley, Catherine Morris, Stephanie Weissberg HQ1421 .W4 2017 (Due 5/20)
  • Kara Walker : after the deluge / Kara Walker NX512.W36 A4 200
  • The reckoning : women artists of the new millennium / Eleanor Heartney, Helaine Posner, Nancy Princenthal, Sue Scott N8354.H43 R43 2013
  • Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around : forty years of movement building with Barbara Smith / edited by Alethia Jones and Virginia Eubanks ; with Barbara Smith JC599.U6 A56 2014
  • Feminism-art-theory : an anthology 1968-2014 / edited by Hilary Robinson N72.F45 F442 2015
  • Feminism-art-theory : an anthology, 1968-2000 / edited by Hilary Robinson N72.F45 F442 2001
  • Women and art : contested territory / Judy Chicago and Edward Lucie-Smith N8354 .C49 1999
  • Artistic ambivalence in clay : portraits of pottery, ceramics, and gender / by Courtney Lee Weida (Internet) NK4008.2

Library Resources on Specific Artists

Many of the books listed below are available at the Edit A Thon today! Look for the resource cart or ask a Edit A Thon facilitator for help!


Scholarly Journal Articles

Other Resources

  • WomenArts
  • [Support Women Artists Now Day]
  • [The Feminist Art Project at Rutgers University]
  • [Ubu Web]
  • [Digital Public Library of America]
  • [Archives of American Art]
  • [National Museum of Women in the Arts]
  • [Archives on Women Artists]
  • [CLARA database]
  • [NMWA list of online resources]
  • [National Women's History Museum]
  • [Women's History Sourcebook]
  • [MoMA Learning]
  • [Women Artists in the MoMA Online Collection]
  • [Tate Learning]
  • [The Getty Online]
  • [New Museum Digital Archive]
  • [Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum]
  • [Brooklyn Museum Feminist Art Base]
  • [National Women's History Project]
  • [Arts: Search]
  • Art and Feminism (book)
  • [The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium] (book)
  • [After the Revolution: Women Who Transformed Contemporary Art] (book)
  • [Canadian Art Database]
  • [Sophia Smith Collection, Women's History Archives at Smith College]
  • [n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal]
  • [Getty Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)]
  • [IAM Intense Art Magazine] - Women in the fields of visual arts, fashion, design and architecture in Africa.
  • [Contemporary Arab Women's Art: Dialogues of the present], edited by Fran Lloyd (book)
  • [Women and Art in South Africa] by Marion Arnold (book)
  • [Canadian Women Artists History Initiative]
  • [Artists in Canada]
  • [Women Writers Project] (No subscription required in March)

Need Help?

Ask one of today's facilitators! (Look for folks wearing pink badges.)