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Ava Koohbor

Special Collections Assistant

About Me

I am originally from Iran/Tehran. I have an associate degree in Nursing and BA in German from Iran. I finished my M.S. in Exercise and Health Promotion from George Mason University in Virginia in 2005. While pursuing my degree in nursing I realized that I believe more in holistic medicine and life style change rather than allopathic medicine. I am a registered Yoga teacher. Although I am not teaching yoga for the time being,  I’ve never ceased to be a practitioner.


I started working as a Library Assistant at George Mason University. I’ve been working at Gleeson/Periodicals since 2008. I see the role of the academic library as a place to educate minds with deep connection to facts and reality. I hope instant accessibility brings more curiosity in the path of education until digital libraries equal eternal learning. 


My interests is expanding my knowledge in various areas and living holistically. I follow my imagination wherever my creativity takes me and try to stay creative while imagining a life full of potentiality. I look beyond It Is and keep myself busy with What Is.