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Doncore Interface Retirement

Updating Links

To avoid broken links, replace Doncore links with either Ignacio or Fusion equivalents. These links might be listed in Canvas courses, course syllabi, reading lists, and elsewhere on the web.

Doncore links look like this:


Follow the instructions below to generate replacement links in Ignacio and Fusion.

Linking to Library Resources and Saved Searches

Linking to library resources


  1. Locate the library resource in Ignacio. Click Link to this record.

    Ignaico screenshot for Link to this Record feature
  2. The permalink for that record will appear in the browser address bar. Copy the link for use elsewhere.

    Ignacio screenshot for permalink



  1. Locate the library resource in Fusion. In the Detailed Record, click the Permalink link in the toolbar on the right.

  2. In the Permalink field, copy the URL for use elsewhere.

    Fusion screenshot for Permalink feature


More information

Detailed instructions on linking to library resources are available in our Electronic Resources guide.

Linking to saved searches


  1. Construct and perform a search in Ignacio.

  2. Copy the resulting string from the browser address bar.

Example: Advanced search for rothko (keyword) AND art (subject) results in a static string that can be copied:



  1. Construct and perform a search in Fusion.

  2. On the search results page, select Share. A dropdown menu will appear where you can copy and paste the permalink for the search.