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Open Educational Resources (OER) for Faculty

Open Education Resources Pilot Program: Process and Policy

What is open education?

It is a movement to address the rising costs of textbooks, which directly impacts student learning. Please refer to the first page of this guide for more information.

How does this pilot program address this issue?

This pilot program is modeled on successful programs across the country, including a robust program supported by legislation in the state of California. Seed funding is awarded to USF FT and PT faculty so that they can investigate possible solutions to the prohibitive cost of educational materials. The objective is to encourage the use of free or low-cost educational resources to positively impact student learning.

The Gleeson Library has budgeted approximately $3,000 annually for scholarly communications and this project will use a subset of that total, including expected costs associated with potential expenses of this grant (i.e., benefits).

Where can I apply?

The Fall 2019 application form. Please contact Charlotte Roh at croh2(at) with any questions.


September – October: Call for proposals (CFP)
November – December: Proposal Review & Awardee Selection

  • CFP closed, review of applications
  • Budgeting and approval
  • Communication with faculty and business managers

February  August:

  • Faculty complete projects
  • Follow up and assessment

September  November: Write up of results and communication to USF and beyond