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Instruct for Information Literacy

Adding Instruct Content to Canvas

Material in Instruct can be added to USF's learning management system, Canvas. Students will be able to access the material directly from Canvas, with no need for any extra log-in information. When they take an Instruct test or quiz via Canvas, their grade will sync directly to the Canvas Gradebook.

You will use what are called "LTI links" to add Instruct material to your class. Below are instructions for embedding material in Canvas, as well as the LTI links you can choose from. 


Canvas LTI Links

Select and copy a link below to add it to your Canvas course according to the instructions above. You can preview the Instruct content here.



Getting Started With Research


This module covers why information literacy skills matter and how to get started with a research project, including understanding the process, choosing a topic, and beginning research.


Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters

Video: Life in the Information Age

VideoTutorial: The Research Process

Tutorial: Developing a Research Focus

Video: How to Narrow Your Topic

Video Tutorial: Beginning Research with Wikipedia/Google and Transitioning to Databases

Tutorial: Background Research Tips

Video: Thesis Statements

Quiz: Thesis Statements

Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation

Quiz: The Research Process


Sources of Information


This module covers how information is created and the many different types of sources that students encounter while doing research.


Tutorial: Information Has Value

Tutorial: Source Types

Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Video: Primary & Secondary Research

Quiz: Primary & Secondary Sources

Video: Peer Review

Quiz: Peer Review

Video: Types of Sources

Video: Primary Sources

Video: Secondary Sources

Video: Tertiary Sources

Quiz: Types of Sources

Tutorial: How To Read Scholarly Materials

Video: How To Read Scholarly Materials


Searching for Information


This module covers the basics of searching for information, including choosing the right source, identifying keywords, and employing search techniques.


Video Tutorial: Searching as Exploration

Video: Choosing a Database

Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords

Quiz: Choosing a Database

Quiz Choosing & Using Keywords

Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1

Tutorial Search Techniques, Part 2

Video: Refining Search Results

Quiz: Search Techniques


Evaluating Information


This module covers the basics of evaluating resources for authority, accuracy, and other criteria.


Video: What Is Authority?

Video: Introduction to Bias

Video: Types of Bias

Quiz: Bias

Video: Evaluating Sources

Tutorial: Evaluating Information

Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source

Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News

Video Tutorial: Understanding Misinformation

Quiz: Fake News

Quiz: Evaluating Information


Presenting Research and Data


This module covers the basics of using information and presenting it to others.


Video: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Synthesizing Information

Quiz: Synthesizing Information

Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography

Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Quiz: Anatomy of a Research Paper

Video: Writing Help


Citations and Academic Integrity


This module covers the importance of academic integrity and the basics of citing sources in different styles.


Video: Why Citations Matter

Tutorial: Why Citations Matter

Video: APA Citations

Tutorial: APA Citations

Quiz: APA Citations

Video: MLA 7th Edition Citation Style

Video: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style

Quiz: MLA Citations

Video: Turabian Citation Style

Quiz Turabian Citations

Video: Harvard Citation Style

Video: Chicago Style 17th ed. Journals

Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Books and eBooks

Video: Chicago Style, 17th ed. Websites and Social Media

Video: Academic Integrity

Video: Plagiarism

Video: Copyright

Quiz: Academic Integrity


Post Test


Faculty Module

Getting Started with Instruct

Video: Why Information Literacy Matters to Faculty

Tutorial: Designing Effective Research Assignments