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Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons

Guide for Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons

Wikipedia Accounts and Event Dashboard

  1. Create a Wikipedia account, if you don’t already have one.

  • Go to:
  • Select your preferred language

  • Click “Create Account” (upper right hand corner of the screen)

    • Usernames are public, visible online, and linked to any edits you make. Your username can be as anonymous — or as personally identifying — as you wish.

  1. Join our event's Dashboard by clicking on the top right corner and sign in with your Wikipedia username and password.

    What is the Dashboard for? The Dashboard is where it helps keep track of the fantastic edits that have been made by all of you!

Wikipedia Basics and Tutorials

  1. Self-Guided Tutorial
  2. Read about the 3 Core Content Policies and 5 Pillars of Wikipedia‚Äč. 
  3. Planning to edit the article of a living person? Wikipedia has special guidelines for that.
  4. Read through these training modules. The following three modules are especially useful/important:

Also, check out this short video about Wikipedia edit-a-thons, and feel free to browse Art+Feminism’s Quick Editing guide.

Wikipedia Editing

  1. Determine which article you'd like to edit from the Artists page.
  2. Use a reliable source from the Resources page to add information to the article.
  • Don't forget to put information in your own words, and cite your sources.
  1. Planning to edit the article of a living person? Wikipedia has special guidelines for that.

*Creating an entirely new Wikipedia article that does not exist yet is an awesome undertaking. Feel free to start this process today by drafting in your sandbox. Continue your work even after today's event. When you're ready, consult this tutorial about creating a new article to submit for review to publish.