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Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons

Guide for Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons

Ideas for Articles to Edit


Lists of articles to edit:

(Blue links on these lists indicate existing articles that need editing.  Red links indicate articles that do not exist yet and need to be created.)

Black Lunch Table's list

WikiProject Women Artists list of stub articles


Other ideas of articles that could be edited or added to:

Laura Aguilar

Kay Ulanday Barrett
Poet, performer, educator, food blogger, cultural worker, and transgender, gender non-conforming, and disability advocate

Christi Belcourt
Indigenous visual artist and author

Bernice Bing
Chinese-American lesbian artist

Selma Burke
Harlem Renaissance artist

Nao Bustamante
Chicana interdisciplinary artist, writer, and educator

Melanie Cervantes
Xicana artist and activist

Black Salt Collective
American, queer, women-of-color artist collective consisting
 of four California-based artists and curators

Marisa Franco
Latino rights advocate and community organizer

Jewelle Gomez
Poet, critic, and playwright, and LGBTQ activist

Madeleine Lim
Filmmaker, producer, director, cinematographer and LGBTQ activist

Audre Lorde
American writer, feminist, womanist, librarian, and civil rights activist

Zanele Muholi
South African artist and visual activist

Rebecca Nagle
Queer, Indigenous (Cherokee Nation) activist, writer and speaker

Favianna Rodriguez
Self identified and queer artist and activist

Betye Saar
Harlem Renaissance artist

Thenmozhi Soundararajan
Dalit rights activist, a transmedia storytelling, songwriter, hip hop musician and technologist

Nellie Wong
Poet and activist for feminist and socialist causes

Mitsuye Yamada
Japanese American activist, feminist, essayist, poet, story writer, editor, and former professor of English