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Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a library service for USF students, faculty, and staff providing electronic delivery of a wide variety of materials from Gleeson Library and other libraries. In addition, USF students, faculty, and staff with classes Off-Campus (either online or outside the main campus) can also have circulating books and media delivered to them.

Document Delivery can provide the following material:

Material Type: Material Location: Where to Request:
Journal Article Gleeson Library
Another Library

Book Chapter

Gleeson Library
Another Library
E-Book /Chapter/ Section (page limits may apply)
Government Document
Gleeson Library ILLiad
Complete Book / Volume Gleeson Library
Complete Book / Volume Another Library Link+

How can materials be requested via Document Delivery?

Document Delivery requests are made through ILLIad or Ignacio, the library catalog.

  • Use ILLiad for Documents, such as journal, magazine or newspaper articles; conference papers; and information on microfilm or microfiche.
  • Use ILLiad for a Book Chapter.
  • Use Ignacio for Books, DVDs, CDs, and games.

How long does it take to receive a request?

Documents are delivered electronically within three business days of your request.

On-Campus students, faculty, and staff:

  • Gleeson Library books and other items are available for pick up at the Access Services Desk within approximately two business days.
  • Link+ items are available for pick up at the Access Services Desk within approximately three to five business days. 
  • ILL book pick up at the Access Services Desk may vary depending on lender considerations. For more information contact the ILL Department

Off-Campus students, faculty, and staff:

  • Gleeson Library books and other items are sent to your designated address by UPS to arrive within approximately seven to ten business days. Please note that delivery times may vary. For information contact Access Services.

How do I check the status of a request?

For Documents, Book Chapters, and Interlibrary Loans: Go to your ILLiad account and select Outstanding Requests in the View Menu. To view more detailed information, click on the transaction number next to your request. 

For Gleeson Library and Link + books or media: Go to your library record.

How long can items be used?

Documents: All students, faculty, and staff:

Articles remain available in ILLiad for one month. Be sure to download articles within 90 days. Requested articles are delivered to your ILLiad mailbox. An e-mail notice links to a copy of the article PDF in format. To view your requested article, go to your ILLiad account and select Electronically Received Articles in the View Menu.  

Books and other items:

From Interlibrary Loan: loan periods vary by lending library. Check ILLiad for due dates.
For Gleeson Library and Link+: Check your Library Record for the most current due dates. 

How do you renew items?

  • Gleeson Library Books: Log in to your library record to renew online. Books may be renewed once online. After that, please contact us for additional renewals.
  • Link+ Books: Log in to your library record to renew online. Link+ books may be renewed only once for an additional three week period. Link+ requests for renewal will be considered only during a five day window consisting of two days before the due date, the due date, and two days after the due date. Additional renewals are not available.
  • Interlibrary Loan Books: Log in to your ILLiad account to request renewals. Renewals are subject to review by the lending library.

How do you return items?

Off-Campus students, faculty and staff: 

  • Request to renew your items first before shipping. 
  • Reuse the packaging and the prepaid UPS return mailing label enclosed with your items to return them to the Gleeson Library. Do not include any additional items in your package other than the books that arrived with this label. Take the package to a UPS drop off location. If you need a duplicate label, please contact us.
  • The Gleeson Library materials must be returned directly to Gleeson Library.

What are the overdue fines?

See: Fines, Fees, and Replacement Charges.