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USFFA Librarians

Librarian Promotion Process

Promotion Timeline

  • Dean's Office will notify eligible librarians by 8/1
  • Promotion Application is due 9/15
  • Dean has 3 weeks to get back to person if info is missing; librarian has 10 days to respond
  • Dean will forward application to Librarian Peer Review Committee by 11/15; LPRC will provide recommendation to Dean and candidate by 12/15
  • Candidates notified by University by 3/21
  • Promotions are effective 7/1

Librarian Promotion Forms

These forms are provided by the Dean's Office.


GNOSIS is the website used to submit your librarian promotion application and all supporting materials.

GNOSIS Website

GNOSIS Demo (Youtube video)

Collective Bargaining Agreement Language

24.6  Promotion

24.6.1 Ranks

Librarian ranks are Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian and Librarian.

24.6.2 Criteria for Librarian Ranks

(A) The criteria for librarian ranks are as follows:

(1)  The criteria for the rank of Assistant Librarian are possession of an M.L.S. degree from an American Library Association accredited library school or its equivalent and ability to fulfill the requirements of the position assigned.

(2)  The criteria for the rank of Associate Librarian, in addition to the qualifications for Assistant Librarian, are five (5) years' full-time service as a professional librarian at the level of Assistant Librarian or its equivalent; evidence of outstanding professional competence; and service to the University, the community or the profession.

(3) The criteria for the rank of Librarian, in addition to the qualifications for Associate Librarian, are five (5) years' full-time service as a professional librarian at the level of Associate Librarian or its equivalent with at least one year of this service at the University; evidence of outstanding fulfillment of the job requirements and of mature professional competence; and outstanding service and leadership in the University, the community or the profession. For librarians hired after July 1, 2011, there must also be evidence of scholarly activity, research, or other creative work.

(B) The minimum number of years of service required in the above criteria must be completed before July 1st of the year in which the promotion takes effect.

24.6.3 Peer Review

(A)  There shall be a Library Peer Review Committee which shall, unless excused by the Dean, make a written recommendation to the Dean on all matters relating to promotion of Librarians pursuant to this Article. The Committee shall elect a Chair.

(B)  Committee Composition

(1)  The committee shall be composed of three (3) Librarians elected by Association members who work in the Library. Deviations to committee composition shall be by mutual written agreement of the Dean and a (one) representative of the Librarians.

(2)  The charge of the committee is to review all applications for promotion. Such reviews shall be made at meetings called for this purpose. All committee members shall be present at such meetings.

(C)  Committee Procedures

(1)  The Dean shall notify all Librarians eligible for promotion by August 1.

(2)  It is the responsibility of the Librarian applying for promotion to provide the Dean with all relevant materials for consideration by September 15 of the academic year in which the application is to be reviewed. Application for promotion shall be made on forms provided by the Dean. The Librarian shall review the entire application and all accompanying materials to ensure all documents and supporting materials have been submitted pursuant to procedures outlined in this Article. Absent such review, the file will be deemed incomplete for purposes of consideration of an applicant for promotion.

(3)  Applications shall include (in duplicate) an application form, a vitae, evidence on how promotion criteria have been met, specific committee assignments, and all other relevant material, including a Librarian Career Prospectus (LCP) form(s).

(4)  The application and all supporting materials shall be submitted to the Dean. The Dean shall have up to three (3) weeks to review the application materials and notify the Librarian in cases where the application or accompanying materials are incomplete. Such notification shall be in writing and identify specific items where the application or accompanying materials are incomplete. Upon receipt of notification, pursuant to (4) above, a Librarian shall, within ten (10) days, forward (in writing) missing or incomplete items to the Dean.

(5)  Failure by the Librarian to forward these items in application materials to the Dean shall not obligate the University to consider such items. Failure by a Librarian to forward these items in accordance with this Article shall not be used as a basis for ruling (by the peer review committee) that a denial by the University is unjust. The Dean shall forward all application materials to the Librarian Peer Review Committee by November 15.

(6)  All committee members must attend meetings in person and all recommendations (affirmative or negative with rationale) shall be set forth in writing (with a vote count).

(7)  The Librarian Peer Review Committee shall meet and review all candidate files forwarded by the Dean. Work (and related accomplishments which pertain to responsibilities of librarians as set forth in this Article) performed after hiring is the basis for the first promotion and work performed after a previous promotion is the basis for the next promotion. The categories in which an applicant is to be judged for promotion are set forth in 24.6.4 (A) through (D).

(8)  During the time the committee is considering a candidate for promotion or tenure, the committee shall meet once with the Dean if the Dean requests a meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be to provide an opportunity for the Dean to comment on the application(s) and supporting materials of candidates for promotion and to answer any questions the committee may propose. The committee may, at its discretion, meet with the Dean on other occasions.

(9)  A recommendation regarding each candidate shall be considered affirmative if and only if it is supported by a majority of the entire committee membership. Should an application receive less than a majority recommendation, the committee shall be considered not to have made a recommendation.

(10)  The Chair of the Librarian Peer Review Committee shall forward individual written recommendations of the committee to the Dean and the candidate by December 15.

(11)  Upon written request by a majority of the committee, the Dean will provide a summary of outside reviews (if such exist) to the Librarian Peer Review Committee. The accuracy of the summary of such reviews shall be verified by the Chair of the Librarian Committee. All documentation used to verify accuracy will be reviewed by the Chair and the Dean in a specific meeting set for this purpose. These individuals (the Dean and the Chair) shall be the only people present at such meeting.

(12)  All information and documentation referred to in this process and in this provision shall remain strictly confidential.

(D)  Review by Dean/University. The Dean shall review all relevant information forwarded by the Librarian Peer Review Committee and make a recommendation to the University on the matter of promotion. Candidates will be notified no later than March 21 of the academic year in which an applicant is considered for promotion.

(E)  The University shall have sole authority to accept or reject the recommendation of the Dean on matters of promotion and the sole authority to determine at what promotional level or rank to which a Librarian is appointed.

(F)  Promotions will become effective July 1 except for appointments to Department Head, which may be made by the University at any time.

24.6.4 Standards for Granting Promotion
In considering an application for promotion to the rank of Associate Librarian or Librarian, the Dean shall apply the standards set forth in this section with reference to the criteria for the rank for which application is made.

For promotion to Associate Librarian, the three standards by which the applicant is to be judged are: job effectiveness; professional growth and activity; service to the University and the community. Scholarly activity, research or other creative work are highly encouraged but are not required. For promotion to Librarian, the fourth standard, scholarly activity, research, or other creative work is required for all applicants hired at the University in 2011 forward.

No librarian is entitled to promotion solely because of length of service. Job effectiveness is deemed of greater importance than any other standard. The standards for promotion to Full Librarian are more stringent than those for promotion of Associate Librarian. Standards for promotion to Associate Librarian are more stringent than those for appointment to Assistant Librarian.

(A)  Job Effectiveness
Excellence in job performance is the most important attribute of a professional librarian. In order to judge fairly the total job effectiveness of each professional librarian, the following factors should be documented:

(1)  Command and knowledge of the general principles of librarianship and of one’s specialty area;

(2)  Fulfillment of one’ s principal responsibilities;

(3)  Consistency of performance, judgment, leadership, and ability to work effectively with others;

(4)  Ability to direct the activities of subordinate staff members;

(5)  Knowledge of current developments in one’s area of responsibility; and

(6)  Ability to apply ideas gained from individual study and observation to the improvement of one’s area of responsibility in the library.

(B)  Professional Growth and Activity
A librarian’s professional commitment and contribution to the library profession should be evaluated by taking account of such activities as the following:

(1)  Relevant additional educational achievement, including further formal education or informal education through participation in workshops, conferences, symposia, etc. designed to update and extend professional knowledge;

(2)  Attendance at meetings and conferences of international, national, state and local professional and scholarly organizations;

(3)  Assumption of committee and/or elected office responsibilities in professional organizations; and

(4) Teaching, lecturing, editorial activity, conducting workshops, consulting, or similar service.

(C) Services to the University and the Community
The librarian will submit evidence of effective library-wide and University-wide service (including service to the USF Faculty Association, serving on committees, study groups, and task forces), and of professional librarian services to the community, state and nation.

(D) Scholarly Activity, Research or Other Creative Work
The librarian may submit evidence of scholarly activity, research, or other creative work. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1)  Publication in a professional library or information science journal or in a scholarly journal of another field;

(2)  Publication of a book by a commercial or University press;

(3)  Reviews of books or other media;

(4)  Presentation of an invited paper or participation on a panel at a meeting of a professional association;

(5)  Contribution of scholarly or creative content to new media (for example, authoring a website, moderating an electronic discussion list, editing a blog, newsletter, etc).