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Gleeson Zine Library

Donate your zines!

We encourage everyone - especially members of the USF community - to consider donating their zines to the Gleeson Zine Library collection. This includes zines that you have created, as well as zines created by others from your own collection.

Statement of consent

Before submitting any zines, please consider the following information:

Information about the zines in our collection are entered into our catalog, Ignacio. The catalog can be browsed online by anyone. Access to the Gleeson Library is limited to USF students, staff and faculty. Anyone inside the library can browse and read the zines in our collection. The zines can be checked out to any member of the USF community with borrowing privileges. We may also photograph the cover material for browsing aids and promotion.

The Gleeson Zine Library recognizes the sometimes personal nature of zine creation and distribution. We respect the creator/publisher's potential concerns about access to their work. Therefore, we ask you to consider who we are, how we share information about our zines, and how we provide access to our zines. We ask that you acknowledge your consent when submitting your work to the Gleeson Zine Library.

How to submit

Please fill out the attached Gleeson Zine Library Submission Form. Your consent is required for the library to formally accept your donations. Please provide as much description as possible about your zine. This is really helpful for creating catalog records.

Zine donations are accepted at the front desk of Gleeson Library. Please fill out a submission form for every zine you donate.

Note that not all submitted zines will be added to the collection.